Monday, August 16, 2010

I just need a prayer

I began to understand the book of Job slowly now. I'm having severe back pain now. It affects my breathing and my left hand movement. I posted this in FaceBook. Only two people offered their prayer to me while others were analyzing the cause of the pain and if I say something some replied me "faith without deeds in nothing". How ironic that people can use scripture for their own benefit, benefit in defending their analysis is correct.

The cause of my back pain is more towards the bed's slats were put wrongly! This has caused my bed sink in the middle! Moreover, I do not have a flat platform on top of the slats! How ironic again that this seminary is lead with a lot of 'doctors'! but do not know how to put a bed slats! Second cause is of course the mattress itself which has been used for more than 10 years. If we ask for a change, it will be replaced from the one in the store room. What is the point?! To change a new one perhaps it will took months to be replaced. Need to go through a lot of meetings perhaps to decide whether need to buy a new mattress or not! Is not that I do not try, but this is the nature of this place and the system here! If we ask for a better one, perhaps the students will be judge why we asking for a luxury stuff and began to tell their old story 30 years ago! Moreover the mattress is neither made from latex or fiber. It's just a foam! Imagine it has been used for more than 10 years by more than 100 people include some campers!

Anyway, I find explaining all these is meaningless. Perhaps, it is better for the three friends of Job to continue remain in silent rather that start their speeches and analyzing what happened to Job, maybe he has sinned against God or just be patient during this suffering. I think, none of them can understand Job more than God and Job himself.

All I need is just a prayer that God will heal me not analyzing from people! It is easier to say. Try and feel the pain!

God please heal,

Saturday, August 7, 2010

knowledg-ed but no wisdom?

Since I am free now, let me update my blog now and share what is in my mind..:D

In my wisdom literature class, I learnt that wisdom is not about head knowledge but how we deal with our daily practical life.

I don't know whether is this funny, but this is what I observed in STM itself! There are a lot of intelligent people here. Knowledgeable, very passionate especially during debate to prove their ideas is right and etc and etc.

Imagine this situation, an intelligent person who obtained a doctorate in their lives and do not know how to use simple things such as a microphone or even handling a projector! This is what I observed. Do we need a PhD in handling a microphone? Isn't it is a sad thing where you have the most knowledge and couldn't handle simple things in life. What hidden curriculum that we can learn from here if the hidden curriculum is so important? Just focus on study and filling our mind and ignore the small and simple practical things?

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