Monday, February 16, 2009

Ipoh trip

Wonderful four days in Ipoh. My third time there. This time went there to fulfill one of the church visitation, STM promo and also 30th anniversary. Thank God for good classmate who offer his house and also one classmate who offer an APV for us to there. Besides serious matter, we go there to explore foods in Ipoh and also KL.

Our ride....

Kopi C ping at OUG..NICE!!

Pork Noodles plus seafood plus "Spagon" our invention of greek work for pork spare part..


Recognize this place

Here i come Ipoh..

Yum Cha dulu...

None other than white coffee..

Best "nga choi gai fan" in town

Nga choi +

Gai =

Nga choi gai!!

2nd breakfast...nice!!

Breakfast with some porkie!!! Nice..Yes Pork Yes Pork!!

Lunch: sotong kangkung...

Pork satey and "spagon satey"

erm...donno how to say this...but nice!!

He is the 2nd generation to sell this satey. Learned from his father...

The place

In Ipoh, eat eat eat!!

STM tour Tamil Methodist church.

The indian food..guess what is this...

classmates' son. Andrew. Hyperactive!!

Ipoh ppl is a fans of Man U...

UFO?! Nola,,,fried Ice Cream...nice...!!

Fruit ABC..ok ok la..lucky not i pay..

3rd day... Breakfast provided by STM!! Apa ini...

Inside St. John Anglican Church, Ipoh..

1st stone laid on 1910..imagine how old is it...
Service at St. Peter Anglican Church. FCC sister church.. In the BM service.. Felt like AMCF in Labuan...

My Lunch.. "pork intestine flour" jeng!!

Pasar that sell old and classic stuff...

This is really classic!

Some shot with my P1i...

Leng Chai le!!kekeke

Classmates and lecturer..

tong sui gai...ate a lot here....

Si ham zai!!!

fried pork intestine with porridge...yummy...

Chicken and duck...yum yum...

Chinese Opera

My classmate family...

Kedai Pajak gadai

Look at the photocopy Kampar...

Stop by at Restoran Jejantas at Sg. Buloh...

Spagon again....beef...

At fren house. Professional photographer..he likes to collect this stuff...

View from his in KL..

Busy week yet fun....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

a visit to jerusalem

heard this funny story from youtube

one day husband and wife went to jerusalem for a visit. suddenly the wife pass away during the visit. so one of the undertaker tell the husband,

Undertaker: if you bury your wife here you only pay $1500 but if you bury your wife back in US you need to pay $5000

Husband: i think i will bury my wife back in US.

Undertaker: you seems to love your wife that you willing to pay extra.

Husband: nola, because i heard that there is one person who had been buried here resurrected on the third day


honoring elders

Good explanation from Enoch Lim



some funny thoughts in my mind just now as i was with some of the adults just now. they were talking about health conscious and high blood pressure this thingy. they said how to prevent to get stroke this and that.

so i was thinking why we need to make ourselves go to heaven so late? hahaha.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

An Encounter

Last week we study about prayer in one of my pastoral subject. Won't share much what is in the content but can tell you is totally different and it is an eye opener for everyone. Every week we had to do reflection on the topic that we studied.

While doing my reflection, God just ministered to me. At first, I denied some truth and put into the reflection. I decided to change it when my heart really feel with burden.

One of the points that gave me an encounter is that true prayer is an encounter, not only with God with with our true self. Combined with the point that the essence of prayer is RELATIONSHIP. How you pray, reflects what kind of relationship you have with God.

When I do my reflection on this point, I found back the feeling of the first love with God as I practice how do have a dialogue prayer rather than monologue prayer. I come to repentance and with a grateful heart I thank God for accepting me of all that is past. After doing this reflection, I ponder my relationship with my dad. Sometime my prayer is so dull because my relationship with God is not strong and I do not have true prayer lifestyle and why I hardly communicate with my dad because of my relationship with him just like a transaction, when I need something I call him or when I banked in money to him I call him. Compare to my brothers, they can talk with my dad in anything and everything. Our prayer the same when we only give a shopping list to God. This point strike me, because of relationship of love with God, anything and everything can become topics of interest for communication with God.

I felt so sorry. Truly, true prayer is an encounter not only with God but with our true self. True prayer does not change the things we pray, but it changes us as pray-er. In the end of prayer, is not that God hear us but we hear God!


My personal thought on current church

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