Friday, December 19, 2008


I'm not a DELL fans. If I going for windows, I will choose Sony laptops for sure. But this Blackie has serve with me since I joined fulltime here in Labuan. Dell XPS M1210. With this laptop I've done a lot of designs and video clips. Though the motherboard had been spoilt, only the sound output but I still can enjoy with this Blackie.

Less than 6 days, I'm going to leave Blackie. SIGH!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Apart being busy with works, I'm also busy with my dinner schedule. HEHEHE.. Last week alone I've been to 2 times buffet dinner at Grand Dorset 5 stars hotel. YUMMY!! Enjoyed the meals a lot especially the beef. I only bless one of the aunty's son a lunch at Island Garden but his mum blessed me in 5stars hotel. Uiseh. What a blessings. Another one is in Pizza Hut for lunch which I really cannot eat anymore. hahaha..

What a blessings. Many things I need for time being but I do not have the ability to own it. But I'll believe that my BIG BOSS that is God will provide.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


Will a perfectionist do this?:-
1. When they make some mistake, then they say "aiya, we are not PERFECT ma"
2. Often make a mistakes and repeat and repeat again
3. What they said and do is different
4. Appearance is tidy but essence is untidy
5. Do not know what they are doing
6. Need reminder
7. Often showing themselves so detailed yet results is in mess
8. Over use resources

Imperfect perfectionist?


Things came in my mind again yesterday night after having my dinner. I tell Roy that he better apply for online banking since it is so convenience and do not need to travel here and there to do transaction.

Then this things came to my mind which is, the more convenient you are, the more money you will spent. Easy example credit card. Just swap the card and you can get your things but you don't realize how much will you spent though you have the mind of controlling your spending.

My experience is that, I just applied my Debit Visa which is quite convenient to me. So one day I plan to test the card. Once I tested it, I said "wow, this is great" the continue to spend spend and spend. Sigh!! wasted my money!

Convenience will harm you!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

J-Kids, One Way Jesus Dance

This is the opening and closing dance for the J-Kids 2008. Haven't fully finalize it. Wanted to edit more combined with the pictures to make it more funny. stay tuned.


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