Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Indeed no father will give a snake when the son asks for a fish; not the father will give a scorpion when the son asks for an egg. I'm talking about the earthly father here. Father's day reminds me how much my father has sacrificed for me; it reminds me how have I misunderstood my father for many years. Since 1998, due to the financial crisis, my father's business was affected and he has to stop it in 2001. In that period I thought my father did not love me anymore by the way he treated me - he is so cool to me and we hardly talk to each other. It wasn't like this before: my father and I were so closed. I remember in one of the period when our relationship is not that close, I used a toothpaste and wrote "Dad, I hate you!" on the mirror in our washroom. I am so regret for doing that when I got to know that I have misunderstood him. I felt so guilty every time I thought of it.

Half way of my tertiary education, I then realized that I have misunderstood my father. I realized how much my father has sacrificed for me to support me in my studies. He nearly lost all his properties in order to support me. He taught me a lot of this through what he has done to me. When I work as fulltime, I try my best to send money back home even though I have not enough. I did this is to show my father one thing, and for myself to learn two things. I want my father to know that even when I work as fulltime, I still can support the family. I just want my family to see the provision that God will give to us when we choose to obey. The two things that I learn is giving sacrificially because my father did that to me; secondly is to rely on the Lord's provision - He knows the needs of my family.

I cannot imagine more about my heavenly Father. Whenever I see my father, I am always being reminded of God the Father. Of course my relationship with my father now is getting better. I thank God for that. I also thank God that he continue to trust in the Lord in everything that he do.

May God continue to shower His blessings upon my family.

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