Friday, December 19, 2008


I'm not a DELL fans. If I going for windows, I will choose Sony laptops for sure. But this Blackie has serve with me since I joined fulltime here in Labuan. Dell XPS M1210. With this laptop I've done a lot of designs and video clips. Though the motherboard had been spoilt, only the sound output but I still can enjoy with this Blackie.

Less than 6 days, I'm going to leave Blackie. SIGH!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Apart being busy with works, I'm also busy with my dinner schedule. HEHEHE.. Last week alone I've been to 2 times buffet dinner at Grand Dorset 5 stars hotel. YUMMY!! Enjoyed the meals a lot especially the beef. I only bless one of the aunty's son a lunch at Island Garden but his mum blessed me in 5stars hotel. Uiseh. What a blessings. Another one is in Pizza Hut for lunch which I really cannot eat anymore. hahaha..

What a blessings. Many things I need for time being but I do not have the ability to own it. But I'll believe that my BIG BOSS that is God will provide.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


Will a perfectionist do this?:-
1. When they make some mistake, then they say "aiya, we are not PERFECT ma"
2. Often make a mistakes and repeat and repeat again
3. What they said and do is different
4. Appearance is tidy but essence is untidy
5. Do not know what they are doing
6. Need reminder
7. Often showing themselves so detailed yet results is in mess
8. Over use resources

Imperfect perfectionist?


Things came in my mind again yesterday night after having my dinner. I tell Roy that he better apply for online banking since it is so convenience and do not need to travel here and there to do transaction.

Then this things came to my mind which is, the more convenient you are, the more money you will spent. Easy example credit card. Just swap the card and you can get your things but you don't realize how much will you spent though you have the mind of controlling your spending.

My experience is that, I just applied my Debit Visa which is quite convenient to me. So one day I plan to test the card. Once I tested it, I said "wow, this is great" the continue to spend spend and spend. Sigh!! wasted my money!

Convenience will harm you!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

J-Kids, One Way Jesus Dance

This is the opening and closing dance for the J-Kids 2008. Haven't fully finalize it. Wanted to edit more combined with the pictures to make it more funny. stay tuned.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


Everyday after my morning devotion and start my day, I will pray this prayer that God will fill me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I've been praying like this every morning at least 4 years.

I've been busy this two weeks. J-Kids camp had over last week and this week I'm doing my last projector installation project here. Truly, the two PCC members in this church not only talk the walk but they walk the talk together with me. Is great working with them and learn from them and their experience. This week also I've done with my guitar classes for Christmas caroling. I also give a workshop on P.A. and Projection system in this church. And almost every night I pack with recording for Christmas drama.

I thank God that He sustain me and really gave me the wisdom to overcome all the things in me and all the works that I am doing. Sometimes I really wonder I'll never learn P.A. system yet I am giving a workshop on that and etc.

I'll never compromise with my principle in my serving ministry here. Love God Love man, Serve God Serve Man but please God not man and Fear God not man. Conviction and not convenience. Some people that this is arrogant. I'll believe they had this thinking because they not agree with this truth! Truth is always arrogant as I stated on my previous post

Well back to topic on wisdom. Although pack with schedule and busy with a lot of things, I still spend time to do my devotion. One devotion that God speak to me is wisdom in Proverbs 8. One verse caught my attention, Proverbs 8:17 "I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me." Wisdom love those who love "It" and those who seek "Wisdom" find "It". Is this verse familiar? God said, " I love those who love Me and those who seek Me find Me." God is wisdom.

Verse 22 till 31, it talks about how wisdom were there during creation time. Wisdom were with God at that time and God is the source of wisdom.


Friday, November 21, 2008

J-Kids Day 1

Been a busy day. As usual Multi-Task-Person. Run here and there. Logistic, camera, video and etc. But kinda satisfy with the day cause took a lot of pictures and here is one of them that I like the most. We did crazy stuff again. Editing it. Will upload it soon. Hehe..


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Came across this word today "Arrogant". Remind me of what Dr.Stephen Tong said on "Truth" link with "Arrogant".

A simple illustration. The air said "With me, you'll live without me you will die!" Wow!! Arrogant right. But it is truth. You cannot live without the air. Most people said the truth is arrogant without realizing that it actually a truth. Indeed the people who said arrogant is not agree with the truth or being challenged by the truth.


The power of Your Name

This is a song from Lincoln Brewster latest album "Today is the day" which I strongly recommend you to have a copy. This song talks a bout social injustice. Superb song.


Friday, November 14, 2008


Just some of my thoughts as I watch some blues solo, I found out that they actually got one things in common when they solo. Erm I donno how to describe. I think John Mayer can express what I want to say. (Teng, try some of it..HEHEHE)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


KOINONIA means felloship. This is one of the camp that I missed a lot. Where can find a camp cost you RM100 for 4days and 3 nights and at the end have BBQ. HAHAHA... I remember that day I am very busy. Wake up early and sleep late. We enjoyed fellowship together though. I did brought a friend and God answer to his struggle. Here some previews:


God's grace

I never thought that I can do a video clip. Is really not my talent some more is not what I study. But when God call he enables. Say AMEN!! This is one of the video clip that I've done. I know is not that nice, but this video is not about the effects and etc but is the 10 weeks fellowship that we had. I think the last sharing conclude what Alpha really means.


Monday, November 3, 2008


I've been thinking why people care on how they look, how they speak and how they respond and etc. Wonder why some people react so cute, adorable, and also to get people attention even though they are not in that category. Forgive me for being rude. I just saying facts and no one really like to hear the truth.

Sunday night when having dinner with one aunty, she said one words that explained all above. Self-conscious. She said every one is aware of their self when they were in public or even in fellowship.

Stephen Tong also said before that human being is the only creation that aware of their existence.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


What is in my mind just now is about truth. We cannot run away from truth actually (I just realize that).

I think why this came to my mind because I've came to know an interesting theologian "Kierkegaard's" who talk about "Subjectivity of truth" and also another theologian in this era, Stephen Tong who talk on "Subjective Truth". Whats the different between this two people?

Subjectivity of Truth it means that whether there is truth in a person or not. Example on my previous post about Nick Vujicic, when he say that his parents trying to convince him that everything is going fine and he say to his parents "How you know?" "Are you in my position (without arms and legs)?" It simply conclude that when a person said something without a substance in it because he is not in that situation. A happy wife whom still have a husband cannot say to a widow whom her husband just past away, "Is ok, don't be too sad. Everything is going fine soon." There is no substance in her words. But if a widow who have gone through a lot of challenges of life as a widow, the other widow will be convince by it because she have the substance and she is the subjectivity of truth.

Subjective truth is talking about something cannot be argued about because it is truth. I like how Stephen Tong illustrate it. 2+2=4 and only "Mr.4" have the right to say that 2+2 is equal to 4 and no others. It is because he is the truth! Just like the air said, if you breath, you have life if you don't breath you will die! The air can say such arrogant words because "he" is truth!! And God is the subjective truth in everything.

It came to my mind when I think back why everything had to go back to God. When talk about facts, reality or truth, we will link back to God. Last time I had this habit when I have conversation with my friends and when they put the element of God into the conversation, I will say "Since you put God in this, I have nothing to say lo." Now I realize that I am wrong because He simply is the Alpha and Omega. It shows that everything is spiritual.

God is truth!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Back to Labuan life

Fuhh!! Back to Labuan. What a journey. I really praise God and give thanks to Him on what He had done. He really made impossible to possible. My flight from Tawau to KK is on 1045 and reach KK at 1135. And my flight from KK to Labuan is 1200. So I had to check-in in KK at least 1115am but that time I was still in my flight.

Yesterday I am trying to online check-in but there is no KK-Labuan check-in online. Sigh!! So I plan a plan B that is to take bus once I reach KK. I also tried when I was in Tawau airport asking whether I can check-in from Tawau or not but cannot. Oh no!!

God grace is far than we can ever thought. I did pray to have a smooth journey (not back Labuan by bus). My heart believe I can go smooth but my mind keep thinking how to go and take bus. HEHE..In Tawau I able to meet my aunt and uncle. Because of them I can sit in front where I can rush down faster once I reach KK. Once reach KK I rush into the counter and the counter closed. And I went to the info desk and ask whether the fligh already flew or not. But the lady said I cannot check-in. So I tell her that I just arrived from Tawau. So she quickly bring me to the counter and help me to check-in.

When I go into the departure hall, I realise that I am going back to the same aeroplane that I took from Tawau with the same stewardess. They look at me and smile. HAHAHA..

Everyone can fly!! Really thank God for everything. When I ponder it while I was on the way back to Labuan, all things really go smooth. Can see God really answered prayer. Even simple prayer without flowerish words. And I spend good time with my aunty and uncle. Chat a lot. When they saw me, they say "Ngi an tai hoi gai" Hakka.

Gam Chia Shong Di

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


In Tawau now. Realizing that I make some wrong move in this 6 days journey. Do not know why I think that. I thought of that either I should stay longer in KK or back Tawau first then to KK. It just messy in my mind. Anyway, I am happy with my decision.

I spent much sweet and memorable time together with her. Celebrate her belated birthday and my early birthday. Enjoying so much and appreciate each time with her. I feel like I am a Diocesan Staff for pass 2 days. Sit in the office, pretending like doing works (em actually I am) and helping/working with her on her task. What a joy!! And thank God for everything.

More than 4 people when they saw me, they say "you are fat!". I was blur!! Sigh!! How can I got fat?

Well that's all for the updates.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mutual Problem

I remember when I fellowship with my friends we came to this person whom have a lot of problems. He even tell my friend that why his friend never say that he got a problem. My friend being straight forward and out of love want to help this person and reply him and say is because his friend have the same problem as you that is why both you them won't have any problem with each other.

Past few days, this thought came into my mind again and I began to ponder it further. I began to think that it is true that two wont walk together unless they agreed. But if two friends came together ( lets say A and B), and A is asking B for opinion, example his actions and etc or even when A is complaining to B. So as good friend, B will certainly comfort A and say something to comfort him. B motive is right in the sense he out of love want to help his friend A. But what if A really wrong in her actions and B say "Yalo Yalo" and start to talk bad on other people. Though motive is right, but because just want to please his friend and did something wrong. B is denying and lying to the moral principle (hmm, guess read a lot from C.S. Lewis).

One pastor told me before if we love some one whether is on courtship or friendship, we will never afraid of losing them. If we tend to afraid, we are bound on it and will compromise to ourself and denying on it.



Longed for this holiday so much. Many reasons I had to have a holiday before continue the last 2 months tough battle.

I am in KK now. Just finish spending some time with her. Which one of the main reason I have this holiday. After KK, I am going back to Tawau, spending time with family. Hope I can have wonderful time relax.

One thing is, I really hope that I can bring my fishing rod together and back Tawau to fish. Oh no, addicted already. HEHE...


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Companionship in Labuan

I'll never expect that a man whom I went to mission trip to interior of Sabah will be my companion and my closest friend I can say in Labuan. First time he talk to me is in a speedboat. Then half way of the journey I was in his car all the way from Ranau to Kuala Sapi. He is a super generous guy. Though in term of aged, he is older than me a lot, maybe 15-20 years? but he call me brother I call him brother too when we meet each other in church with a peace sign.

Really appreciate people like him in my life whom have the same mind set and always agree with each other said and able to learn with each other. Oppss, don't get me wrong that I am gay because I mentioned is a "he". haha.. Well, its always hard to find people like this. Other than my spouse, he is one of them who I can click with.

Guess what, he listen to Stephen Tong sermon as well. He told me, he missed his sermon and teaching a lot. Because of this, we always discussed on the teaching of him. Don't get both of us wrong that have other "gods" is just that we was impressed by his teaching.

What a companionship that I believe God has place in me in Labuan
Me and brother Wong..Hehe

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"God, if only I have....."

I'll believe everyone said this before God and ask God that "If only I had such things then I can to it." If only I have money, then I won't be struggling, if only I have power, then I won't be bully in work, if only I became a powerful man then people will submit to me, if only I am significant then people trust with what I said so on and so forth.

Well, what is the problem when we ask "IF ONLY"??

We tend to focus what we do not have and as if when we got what we do not have, we can do what we want to do, what we will do or what task are we going to do. Too often we compare with people when that people have what we do not have and give excuses that he can do because he had the things that can make him a success.

We neglected what we have which actually allow us to reach the same results as well. Everyone is different, unique and not the same. Our gifts is different, but we can use what we have to the glory of God. No matter you have 10 talents or 5 talents, if we fully utilize it, at the end we still be praised "You are good and faithful servant."

I was inspired by this guy, Nick Vujicic which I believe we got an email circulation about him. If we really want to compare, I think he is the one who only worth to ask "God, if only". But he did not ask and he did things greater than we did and I do.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

So, be grateful with what you had

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yo dudes, I am back with my Em, been silent for 2 weeks. Closing my blog even. So all the previous blog all had gone. I remember I start this blogspot with my mission in Labuan, and now I am in Labuan.

My first title for my blog is "See the Morning" reason because of Chris Tomlin album title is same as it and I feel it meaningful because of the bright morning sunshine and the beauty of the Creator.

Then I changed my blog title to "Isaac's Long and Winding Journey" is not because of Guy Sebastian songs but is because of one of my friends( songs which start from "It's a long and winding Journey". I feel that this is my journey and I want to share my journey in this blog.

Now!! I called it metamorphosis because one day I was doing a design which related to a butterfly. So things came to my mind is that the old had gone, the new will come. No one like caterpilar but it is a process which it had to go through to become a beautiful butterfly.

So stay tune with Metamorphosis and I hope I won't change any title again...HEHEHE.....


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Back!!

Hmm..Due to some "complains" of my faithful readers, I decided to "revive" my blog back. Hope this blog will continue to inspire you.


My personal thought on current church

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