Monday, July 27, 2009

AirAsia Ads

Your tired son
Isaac... hahahaha

Beautifully Imperfect

One of the best from Yasmin Ahmad


Gospel Whip

Last week my friend intouduces me to this term called "gospel whip." It means that the preacher is rebuking someone on the pulpit. Sigh! This kind od people simply do not respect the pulpit as John Piper have said!

But another thing that people can condemn people is also through prayer. I joined a prayer meeting, and one of the people there always prays that things that condemn people, list out the mistakes. She seems like saints when praying. Perfect minded.

Sigh! Why we misused God's instrument to condemn people. Do not judge or you will be judge!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

North Korea 'executes Christians'


Human rights groups in South Korea say North Korea has stepped up executions of Christians, some of them in public.

The communist country, the world's most closed society, views religion as a major threat.

Only the founder of the country, Kim Il-sung, and his son, Kim Jong-il, may be worshipped, in mass public displays of fervour.

Despite the persecutions, it is thought up to 30,000 North Koreans may practise Christianity secretly in their homes.

A report by a number of South Korean groups highlights one particular case of a woman allegedly executed in public last month, in a northern town close to the Chinese border.

She was accused of distributing Bibles, spying for South Korea and the United States and helping to organise dissidents.

Her parents, husband, and children were sent to a prison camp.

Such reports are hard to verify, but North Korea is known to be intolerant of religion - it views any form of alternative social organisation as a competitor for its own, religion-like ideology.

The US government says just owning a Bible in North Korea may be a cause for torture and disappearance.

Pyongyang's position appears to have hardened on everything from human rights to defence policy and international relations in the last year or so.

It is thought this may be a way to shore up the government through Mr Kim's illness and the process of anointing his youngest son, Kim Jong-un, as North Korea's next leader.


The pressure is coming

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yesterday I went to a fruit stall which I normally go for my durian feast! After being force to eat two durian, the boss gave us a fruit which I thought was a TARAP in the beginning. More information what is Tarap, go to this blog. I think you are not a Sabahan if you never eat this kind of fruit. I still remember my house got at least three tarap tree! How I miss those time when I am eating the tarap under the tree, drink coconut water under the tree, eating mangoesteen up at the tree. This is really a kampung boy life. Penansular Malaysia people must eat this when the visit Sabah. If not you are not a complete Malaysian..hahaha
These are the fruits that the boss gave us. It's sour and a bit sweet. Size is smaller than tarap.

This is Tarap on the tree. Don't wait until the color turn to brown and the pluck it down. It will be too late to be eat by then. Must know when, how? Normally we look at the size. Seeing this picture, it looks like Sukun in STM compound near the guard house. Wasted, STM people do not know how to eat this good stuff, I mean SUKUN.

Can see the flesh.


Monday, July 20, 2009

STM, please do something!

Heard this from the guards that the tree is collapsing and they have made the complaint to the Seminary but action have not yet been taken. Just now the guard told me that he has made this report since LAST YEAR! I do not want that one night STM do not have electrictiy. Please take action for the sake of the guards as well so that they can peacefully do their responsibity without fearing when the tree will fall down.

Racist Issue? I don't think so!


I now understand and support Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's decision to boycott the newspaper and stopped the state government's subscription of it.

It is simply beyond an intelligent person's comprehension how an editor could arrive at the conclusion that the protest against the high-handed methods of the MACC is a challenge to the Malays.

Only an immature, insecure and not too intelligent person can look at the Teoh Beng Hock case from a racial perspective.

OneMalaysia? Nonsense! If we have people in positions of power and influence with such racialist mentality, there can never be OneMalaysia.

I have just retired as a journalist after nearly 35 years in the profession, and during my years as a reporter, socio-political analyst and editor, I have identified five types of journalists in the media

First, there are the EEs -- Editorial Eunuchs, who take orders from their political emperors and write and spin stories to promote the emperor's cause. These political appointees are usually in top and
senior positions, not because they are good journalists or great writers, but because of their connection to powerful political godfathers. They are first class cronies. Many are ghost writers for
their political masters. Some have become millionaires.

(Note: I thank God that, except for one or two cases, the editors I had worked under are not such people. I can vouch that people like Ng Poh Tip, Michael Aeria, Wong Sulong and Wong Chun Wai are
good people of principle and top class journalists, not EEs. My good friend Chong Cheng Hai, the chief editor of theSun, is another =person of integrity.)

Secondly, there are the PPs -- Press Prositutes, who have sold their souls and principles to gain favours and privileges from their political and/or business clients. They will write what pleases their
political masters. The amount of hampers and gifts they receive during festive seasons is perhaps a good indication of their rising status in their media organisation. (Perhaps the MACC should
consider looking at this practice of giving editors hambers and gifts during festive seasons).

Thirdly, there are the MMs -- Media Marionettes, the puppets who have no brains but are used and abused by opportunists to advance their own political or business agenda. They usually feed such
journalists with twisted information and deceive these gullible writers to propogate their schemes of things. Our education system has produced many such gullible, unthinking, uncritical, and dumb people, and some of them are found in the media organisations.

Fourth, there are the JJs -- Junket Journalists, those who will write anything for the sponsors of their overseas trips.

Finally, there are the WWs -- Wise Writers, the rare breed who know how to survive through the controlled press situation and get their honest views into print without rousing the suspicion of their media bosses, who are usually political cronies. There are very few such honest writers with integrity and principles, and they are usually not in positions of power.

How can we expect to have OneMalaysia when we do not really have a free and credible press? If our prime minister is truly sincere in wanting to take take the country to greater height as OneMalaysia, then the first thing he needs to do is to liberate the press by abolishing the oppressive legal restraints such the Printing Presses and Publications Act, the Internal Security Act, the Official Secrets Act, etc. and enact a Freedom of Information Act. Then, he must revamp the whole system of administration to get rid of those known to be corrupt, racist, and incompetent. Most importantly, there must a reform in the judiciary, enforcement agencies, the election commission, and reinstate local council elections.

OneMalaysia? It will remain a slogan and a dream if the current federal government does not take concrete actions to reform the whole political and administrative enviornment in the country.

If the Barisan Nasional administration is unable to bring about such reforms, then we must throw it out at the next general election.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I miss leading worship

Gosh!! Almost eight months I have not lead a single worship in a service besides leading one morning service in STM chapel. That also only one song with piano. That time I really wanted to have full band to have praise and worship, but not all the student will participate, and in the end I know I will get lecture because I know my style wont please them.

Recently I talk with some of the seminarian who have the same struggle as I have. I tell them that, STM kills, destroys, take away our gifts and talent in music, and they all agree with that. It really makes me rusty. I really wish that I can have a guitar here at least for me to practice. sigh!! I really miss the Garisson guitar back in labuan..haha..

Well, what makes me to have this feeling is because of this song by Hillsong - Celebrating Christmas in 2006. I sang one of the song last year before christmas, Angel We Have Heard on High. Really like the song arrangement and the combination of the instrument. All the while I really like to play a song with cobination of modern and traditional instrument, especially Pipe Organ and flute. Though there are 4 months before christmas, do listen this song..


Friday, July 10, 2009

Miss these Foods!

I went out to have my dinner last Sunday. Suddendly, these two dishes came into my mind. Oh gosh! how I missed these foods. These foods can only be found in Labuan. The cook is very nice. My 18 months there, he really treat me a lot especially the period that I'm not cooking at home. He sometimes will treat me or give me discount. At first, he is not a Christian, but through hardworks of our two sisters, the whole family finally baptized. Sadly, he is now in Singapore. He left Labuan somewhere first quarter in 2008. I think this is the only food that can compete with other places in term of price and portion!
Chicken Chop that only cost you RM10. Mixed chop which consist of lamb, pork and beef, only cost RM18.
This is the most favorite of all among the church member. I think is his own receipe. Direct translation from Cantonese will be "dry grill pork ribs" :D

Saliva flowing already.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Durian Feast

Chinese Rice Dumpling's Fest Lunch @ 28May09

I know is late but still want to publish this. haha..3 weeks placement has became my home rather than a work place. we basically eat our breakfast and lunch together in the cafe. We cook. In my first week, is the chinese rice dumpling's fest. so the staff plan to cook a meal. wow! really chinese style. in the end it makes me feel more like a chinese new year lunch..haha
My favorite roast pork!

The staffs and family,

My personal thought on current church

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