Thursday, May 14, 2009

End of Semester One

Yes! Today I have just finish my exam. Tough week. Long time did not go through exam fever. Thank God for His sustaining strength and wisdom from above. Able to answer all the question. Been in the library for more than two weeks just to study. Lazy to say much now. See what have I been through these two weeks:

My new RSV bible and messy table in the Library. Studying OT Intro.

Study, but still not forgot to fill my stomach with the best Bak Kut Teh in town! :D

I was tempted to buy this back school to eat. It is nice man.

The "diamond" chicken Rice. This owner really do not work for money. We wait for 20mins to get out chicken rice. Is Hainan chicken rice. Not Bad!

Banana leaf. Best man. Labuan pun kalah! If there is no top-up, it only cost you RM3.80. Only with vegetable but it is nice!!

This two are my kaki when we talk about food. I hope I won't be like them. See their stomach!

Sem 1

Friday, May 1, 2009


Children learn from Parent


Did you realize?

In the bible, the authors like to play with numbers. Number seven, fourthy, twelve and etc. Did you realize that the Cross played with these numbers as well? I realize this when I began to wonder why the Chinese words for cross is "十字架" which means the shape of the cross looks like number 10 in chinese. I counted every corner of the cross, and it did not reach 10 figure. I did not know that the chinese word for ten is like the cross shape, thats why they named the cross 十字架 . But I found out another things relates with numbers. Hard to explain, let me illutrates by pictures. :DSeven


Got it? Hehe.. No theology behind this...


My personal thought on current church

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