Thursday, November 27, 2008


Everyday after my morning devotion and start my day, I will pray this prayer that God will fill me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I've been praying like this every morning at least 4 years.

I've been busy this two weeks. J-Kids camp had over last week and this week I'm doing my last projector installation project here. Truly, the two PCC members in this church not only talk the walk but they walk the talk together with me. Is great working with them and learn from them and their experience. This week also I've done with my guitar classes for Christmas caroling. I also give a workshop on P.A. and Projection system in this church. And almost every night I pack with recording for Christmas drama.

I thank God that He sustain me and really gave me the wisdom to overcome all the things in me and all the works that I am doing. Sometimes I really wonder I'll never learn P.A. system yet I am giving a workshop on that and etc.

I'll never compromise with my principle in my serving ministry here. Love God Love man, Serve God Serve Man but please God not man and Fear God not man. Conviction and not convenience. Some people that this is arrogant. I'll believe they had this thinking because they not agree with this truth! Truth is always arrogant as I stated on my previous post

Well back to topic on wisdom. Although pack with schedule and busy with a lot of things, I still spend time to do my devotion. One devotion that God speak to me is wisdom in Proverbs 8. One verse caught my attention, Proverbs 8:17 "I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me." Wisdom love those who love "It" and those who seek "Wisdom" find "It". Is this verse familiar? God said, " I love those who love Me and those who seek Me find Me." God is wisdom.

Verse 22 till 31, it talks about how wisdom were there during creation time. Wisdom were with God at that time and God is the source of wisdom.


Friday, November 21, 2008

J-Kids Day 1

Been a busy day. As usual Multi-Task-Person. Run here and there. Logistic, camera, video and etc. But kinda satisfy with the day cause took a lot of pictures and here is one of them that I like the most. We did crazy stuff again. Editing it. Will upload it soon. Hehe..


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Came across this word today "Arrogant". Remind me of what Dr.Stephen Tong said on "Truth" link with "Arrogant".

A simple illustration. The air said "With me, you'll live without me you will die!" Wow!! Arrogant right. But it is truth. You cannot live without the air. Most people said the truth is arrogant without realizing that it actually a truth. Indeed the people who said arrogant is not agree with the truth or being challenged by the truth.


The power of Your Name

This is a song from Lincoln Brewster latest album "Today is the day" which I strongly recommend you to have a copy. This song talks a bout social injustice. Superb song.


Friday, November 14, 2008


Just some of my thoughts as I watch some blues solo, I found out that they actually got one things in common when they solo. Erm I donno how to describe. I think John Mayer can express what I want to say. (Teng, try some of it..HEHEHE)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


KOINONIA means felloship. This is one of the camp that I missed a lot. Where can find a camp cost you RM100 for 4days and 3 nights and at the end have BBQ. HAHAHA... I remember that day I am very busy. Wake up early and sleep late. We enjoyed fellowship together though. I did brought a friend and God answer to his struggle. Here some previews:


God's grace

I never thought that I can do a video clip. Is really not my talent some more is not what I study. But when God call he enables. Say AMEN!! This is one of the video clip that I've done. I know is not that nice, but this video is not about the effects and etc but is the 10 weeks fellowship that we had. I think the last sharing conclude what Alpha really means.


Monday, November 3, 2008


I've been thinking why people care on how they look, how they speak and how they respond and etc. Wonder why some people react so cute, adorable, and also to get people attention even though they are not in that category. Forgive me for being rude. I just saying facts and no one really like to hear the truth.

Sunday night when having dinner with one aunty, she said one words that explained all above. Self-conscious. She said every one is aware of their self when they were in public or even in fellowship.

Stephen Tong also said before that human being is the only creation that aware of their existence.


My personal thought on current church

# 还我教会  Personal reflection on church. (Posted 1 year ago) Matthew13.58 And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of f...