Friday, April 15, 2011

The Fear of the Student

Do you know what is the fear of most of the students here? Yes! not being able to graduate from here and need to extend another semester of year here. Many reasons that will cause us not being able to graduate - not able to meet the requirements such as GPA is not met, or you failed certain subjects.

Sometimes I feel that as a student here, I need to please the lecturer (not all - majority to those "traditionalist"!) in order to pass my subject. Sometimes even though you disagree with their point of view, you will tend to put their view in the assignment so that you can get higher marks in order to pass your subject. In summary, you are being hypocrite!

I finally couldn't stand with this anymore. One day, in a discussion, I have reason to disagree with an author whom the lecturer respect or "admire". I voice it out, and directly I can see the changes of the face, and I got this comment that my argument is too general. I didn't fight back because I just want the lecturer know that not all of the author's points are correct - he is, too generalizing certain point and make his argument with an agenda behind.

If the student fail because they failed to please the lecturer, I think the lecturer themselves must reflect on it: whether they are showing off their knowledge that they are always correct or teaching us the essence of the Bible. Most lecturers here I think in my personal opinion have a presupposition upon the students (especially those who are young) that we as students lacked of experience of the things in this world without they realizing that we have lived in this world for 20 over years. They say we are naive, but I say they are naive with certain arguments too - their view on using technology in church and prosperity of the church!

This year I've been voicing out a lot of dissatisfaction of the school in handling certain issues. I've told myself actually not to voice out anything and be patient until I finish my study. But what is not right is not right and there is reason why God put the burden and let you see all these problems! You must act not waiting and pray for wisdom!

The fear that hinders the student to act is that we afraid to hurt the lecturers and in the end our marks in our subject will be affected! Marks affected, GPA affected; GPA affected, cannot graduate.


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