Thursday, November 27, 2008


Everyday after my morning devotion and start my day, I will pray this prayer that God will fill me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I've been praying like this every morning at least 4 years.

I've been busy this two weeks. J-Kids camp had over last week and this week I'm doing my last projector installation project here. Truly, the two PCC members in this church not only talk the walk but they walk the talk together with me. Is great working with them and learn from them and their experience. This week also I've done with my guitar classes for Christmas caroling. I also give a workshop on P.A. and Projection system in this church. And almost every night I pack with recording for Christmas drama.

I thank God that He sustain me and really gave me the wisdom to overcome all the things in me and all the works that I am doing. Sometimes I really wonder I'll never learn P.A. system yet I am giving a workshop on that and etc.

I'll never compromise with my principle in my serving ministry here. Love God Love man, Serve God Serve Man but please God not man and Fear God not man. Conviction and not convenience. Some people that this is arrogant. I'll believe they had this thinking because they not agree with this truth! Truth is always arrogant as I stated on my previous post

Well back to topic on wisdom. Although pack with schedule and busy with a lot of things, I still spend time to do my devotion. One devotion that God speak to me is wisdom in Proverbs 8. One verse caught my attention, Proverbs 8:17 "I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me." Wisdom love those who love "It" and those who seek "Wisdom" find "It". Is this verse familiar? God said, " I love those who love Me and those who seek Me find Me." God is wisdom.

Verse 22 till 31, it talks about how wisdom were there during creation time. Wisdom were with God at that time and God is the source of wisdom.


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