Friday, July 10, 2009

Miss these Foods!

I went out to have my dinner last Sunday. Suddendly, these two dishes came into my mind. Oh gosh! how I missed these foods. These foods can only be found in Labuan. The cook is very nice. My 18 months there, he really treat me a lot especially the period that I'm not cooking at home. He sometimes will treat me or give me discount. At first, he is not a Christian, but through hardworks of our two sisters, the whole family finally baptized. Sadly, he is now in Singapore. He left Labuan somewhere first quarter in 2008. I think this is the only food that can compete with other places in term of price and portion!
Chicken Chop that only cost you RM10. Mixed chop which consist of lamb, pork and beef, only cost RM18.
This is the most favorite of all among the church member. I think is his own receipe. Direct translation from Cantonese will be "dry grill pork ribs" :D

Saliva flowing already.

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