Sunday, August 2, 2009


I was thinking this question for past two weeks, after the STM student body meeting. Should I or we as STM students request from the school to refund our food's allowance for Friday's dinner, Monday's breakfast and lunch.

This things was raised by one of the student. My immediate response was, NO. We should not, though it would be better that we have extra cash in out pocket.

Why this student raised this request is because he thinks that signing in at the canteen on that particular days seems informal and because those who did not sign in will not partake their food, so it is appropraite that the school refund back the money.

I think this student has forgotten why there is this system of signing in. We start this system because many student did not partake their food on that particular day and did not sign out on that day, and therefore it caused a lot of wastage. Therefore, to avoid this thing to happen, the school do it the other way round, if you want to eat, then sign-in. This decision actually has affect those who are sincerely want to eat at the canteen. This is because, actually the resposibility should be for those who do not want to partake food in the canteen to go to the book and SIGN-OUT, but now, it 'troubled' those student who want to eat and go to the book and SIGN-IN.

Actually, SIGN-IN system was introduce because of us, troublemaker students! And now, we want to take some advantage from the school from the system which caused by us!

I am in dilemma because I have put my signature to agree for refund. Suddenly I felt like Peter at Antioch, waiting for Paul's rebuke! Yes, STM food has been an issue, but I think we should not behave like this.


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