Saturday, December 5, 2009


It has been more than a month here in Sandakan. Basically I am superb busy. I just came back from two Children Camp. One in Kudat and another in KK. It was a great great and amazing week. God has not only ministered to the children, but also to myself. The atmosphere was so great that I really sense the strong presence of God. I can never imagine that God can use children to minister to me.

Came back Sandakan and start busying with installing the new projector in the hall. I really thank God for the experience that I've gained in Labuan. Although in the process, I am not happy with the person-in-charge who push all the responsibility to me and some people who just think that their work is always important, I thank God that He gave me peace in handling each task with wisdom especially my emotion. I did become a 'bad guy' in the process. Pretending and ignoring the responsibilities. I did this is not because I do not want to do the task, but is because I do not want to do it alone anymore. I did this because I want them to see that we must work together and not pushing away the responsibility!

Two more days I will be in KK for a youth camp. Received a task to do a teaching on the book of Mark. I really prayed hard and preparing for the best. I really need God who is the source of the wisdom. I hope I will be blessed through this camp again!

Thats all for the updates. I will upload the photo asap.

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