Monday, April 12, 2010

God's faithfulness

Yesterday, Bishop preached in FCC. I din't expect that. Why I say that I din't expect that is because firstly, we have a good chat. Really din't expect that..:D Secondly, God has used him to ministered to me and challenged me..Really din't expect that too..His life has been an inspiration to me. I am sad that many people have misunderstood him. I do not want to say why people can misunderstood him. I think only time and the future generation will know in the end why he is a great man..

As he shared yesterday that he memorized the psalms and one of it is Psalm 91, this morning I give myself a challenge to memorize it too. One verse comforts me and assures to me a lot. Psalm 91:4 - his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. Only God who is faithful in our life. Only he is the one who never leaves us nor forsakes us. But many time we put our hope in the unfaithful one, things that will perish rather than imperishable and the faithful one. Many times, I seek my own way to solve my problems rather than relying on his faithfulness. But the Lord promises, his faithfulness will be our shield and rampart. Amen!

Great is Thy Faithfulness

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