Thursday, July 22, 2010

Children and Adult

Last 2 weeks, Ps. Stella was preaching about Children Worship in FCC. One thing I discovered and I asked myself why I didn't see this during my research. I keep on finding facts to prove that children can worship. But one question is that whose problem when the child could not worship? Is the adult! not the children. The children are not given the chance to worship together in the service.

I was leading worship in the chapel today. I sang hymns and one song that I've sung during the Children Worship Conference. I arranged the songs in the way the songs would give us the feel. One hymns that I sang is "Joyful Joyful We Adore thee". I find that most of the time when we sing this in chapel, is more solemn or more lamenting. How can we sing Joyful song with lament mode?! The form of the music indeed plays an important part in worship. I'm not saying that I use music to psycho the people to worship, or to stir their feeling, but this is the gift of God that has been given to people and we use it. The modern form of music shows another important thing that playing piano alone will not show us; team work! Why people in STM complain that the worship is so noisy? Obvious reason is that we do not have good sound system!

I've been out of topic now. But that is what I am struggling here too. Back to children and adult. Second song that I sang is "I will offer up my life" by Matt Redman. The struggle when I was leading in STM is almost the same in All Saints' Cathedral, difficult to get the people to sing whereby in Psalms it is a command to worship HIM! I sensed that the atmosphere is so different in chapel just now. Not all, but some are so skeptical while worshiping. When we sang this song in the Children Conference, the atmosphere was so different. I personally cried and was touched by the Spirit. I felt the strong assurance in God while worshiping with the children. But I can't sense it just now. I think is because of the simplicity of the faith.

May the Lord have mercy on us.

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Cammie Novara said...

"I keep on finding facts to prove that children can worship." I have come to understand that through my own experience.

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