Friday, July 29, 2011

Congregational Singing

While I was doing my thesis - the last chapter which is on the practical aspects of Intergenerational Worship (IGW) - I was dealing on how praise and worship can be made as an intentional education and a time where all ages can experience faith together. I came across Martin Luther thoughts on Congregational Singing which is equivalent to our praise and worship today. He believes that through congregational singing, we are proclaiming the Word of God to the congregation. To him it is another form of preaching!

When I was doing this, I feel more and more worry on the way that our church handling Congregational Singing. I am more and more worry with the songs we sing every Sunday! I am more worry with the modern Christian songs that are available to us now. I was reflecting with some of the songs that we have sung recently. I might sound that I am criticizing songs, but I am just raising my concern here. Please don't get me wrong that I am attacking worship leaders here, I am certainly not (I am not defending here, but I just want to avoid some misunderstanding).

I concern with some of the modern songs which have a weak theological expression. I see more and more songs which only describe God as an active God and human has no responsibility. Only what God has done for us; His grace is enough for us. Songs that portrayed that we are an passive Christian. A lot of songs addressed to Christians felt needs - with music and lyrics. Many songs were written out of inspirations than inspirations plus real experience. Many songs were written just because we think how God looks like.

Shallow music form shallow people (Marva J. Dawn). Shallow theological expression form shallow christians! As a worship leader, we should be serious in choosing our songs that we are going to sing in church weekly. We need to discern they type of the songs that we are going to sing. We should not be moved by the tune of the music or the impressiveness of the lyrics. One thing extra that the worship leader need to concern today is the theological expression of the songs!


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