Saturday, March 26, 2016

Baymax has died. Baymax is "risen". Baymax will come again

Baymax has died. Baymax is "risen". Baymax will come again
(ps: Don't kill me with this title :P)
"Are you satisfied with your care?... I will always be with you"

I was watching this particular part with two children during Chinese New Year. There was an impromptu moment that when I saw this part, I said to the children that somehow what Baymax did is like Jesus - He sacrificed to save Hiro and where he said, "I will always be with you." Of course, the children suddenly got the connection.
It might not be theologically sound here. Somehow, "Are you satisfied with your care?" is a question to all of us on the sacrifice that Jesus did on the cross. Unless we satisfied or in another words, unless we accept the reality of Jesus' death, we will not be saved!
As tomorrow is the Resurrection day, we know that in the end of this story, Baymax was resurrected.

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