Thursday, March 12, 2009

Angel's Blog

STM is having this Angel's Blog for a month and it ends by this week. Just the same as angel program that we normally play during camps but this one is slightly different whereby we are not given any person to take care of. So the board is filled with cups and each cup has our name on it. The theme for this Angel's Blog is "Love your neighbour."

Funny thoughts came into my mind today when I go near the board and see all the cups. We have been provided paper to write to each other to encourage each other by the way. It came to my curiosity actually, what are they writing? You can see who is famous one among the 100 over people. I personally got 3 things, 2 paper/ notes and one chocolate. Well, back to topic. Ya, I even saw some heart shape paper, really creative in a person's cup and others I leave it to your imagination.

Truly, love your neighbour will become realistic here ya. Just put my opinion here, I just feel that certain people using this blog to really "love" only ONE neighbour. I mean, this Angels's Blog has became a place to chase girls rather than really to encourage each other. Well, not judging each other, but just share what is in my mind.

Funny things also happened that I was misunderstood that I have gave 3 in 1 nescafe to people whereby there is another Isaac in the school.


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