Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The God I know,

Was ministered by this song yesterday while viewing my friend's blog. This song was played in her blog. It captured me and it speaks to me. One common misunderstanding what outside people think of people in seminary is that, everything inside is perfect but it is not. There is a scholar says, "when there is people, there is problem." Do not ever assume that a seminarian is 'holy' just because they study the word of God.

The more we study, the more we do not know. The more we study, we get confused with some of the theologian and it affects our lives. The more we nearer and closer we know of God and into His presence, the more we realize how sinful we are because of His holiness. It makes us sometime really feel unworthy. There is always struggle between our head knowledge and our spiritual lives.

This song help me reflects and I ask myself one question, "where is the God that I know?" Just click below 'play' button and enjoy the lyrics and music.

The God I Know - City Harvest Church



Ritz @ Richeal Phil said...

Love to read a blog that had the blogger serving to God.. i already keep in my favorite.. do mind to become my follower also at m blog.. thanks for creating this inresting blog..shalom

Isaac said...

why not...all the best in your journey as well...

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