Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yesterday I went to a fruit stall which I normally go for my durian feast! After being force to eat two durian, the boss gave us a fruit which I thought was a TARAP in the beginning. More information what is Tarap, go to this blog. I think you are not a Sabahan if you never eat this kind of fruit. I still remember my house got at least three tarap tree! How I miss those time when I am eating the tarap under the tree, drink coconut water under the tree, eating mangoesteen up at the tree. This is really a kampung boy life. Penansular Malaysia people must eat this when the visit Sabah. If not you are not a complete Malaysian..hahaha
These are the fruits that the boss gave us. It's sour and a bit sweet. Size is smaller than tarap.

This is Tarap on the tree. Don't wait until the color turn to brown and the pluck it down. It will be too late to be eat by then. Must know when, how? Normally we look at the size. Seeing this picture, it looks like Sukun in STM compound near the guard house. Wasted, STM people do not know how to eat this good stuff, I mean SUKUN.

Can see the flesh.



Bea said...

aiseh....i feel like an incomplete malaysian...hahaha

Isaac said...

haha..thats why la..never see my comment in FB..:P

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