Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I miss leading worship

Gosh!! Almost eight months I have not lead a single worship in a service besides leading one morning service in STM chapel. That also only one song with piano. That time I really wanted to have full band to have praise and worship, but not all the student will participate, and in the end I know I will get lecture because I know my style wont please them.

Recently I talk with some of the seminarian who have the same struggle as I have. I tell them that, STM kills, destroys, take away our gifts and talent in music, and they all agree with that. It really makes me rusty. I really wish that I can have a guitar here at least for me to practice. sigh!! I really miss the Garisson guitar back in labuan..haha..

Well, what makes me to have this feeling is because of this song by Hillsong - Celebrating Christmas in 2006. I sang one of the song last year before christmas, Angel We Have Heard on High. Really like the song arrangement and the combination of the instrument. All the while I really like to play a song with cobination of modern and traditional instrument, especially Pipe Organ and flute. Though there are 4 months before christmas, do listen this song..


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