Thursday, September 17, 2009

RM 54

This is crap man! I've been trying to book my ticket to go back to Tawau since last night. Thank God for STM connection! I can't book it (I thought I can't), for the RM39 tickect. I din't know that the booking was successful and stored in my account and waiting for my payment.

So this morning, I tried to book again. The RM39 ticket was still there. I tried and tried. But the connection was really bad! I refreshed the page and book the same ticket. And it increased to RM54. CRAP!!!! Thank you STM! RM15 is a price for a lamb chop! RM15, can be my 4 meals in Seremban. And many other things I can do with RM15!! Sorry, I am a typical CHINESE here.

ps: I post this just to express my feeling.

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