Monday, September 14, 2009

I wish

Many things I've desire to have it. But when all these things control you, then you will start to have disappointment when you pray and God did not answers your prayers. Do we have the spirit of covetousness when we pray for the things that we wish?

I wish to have a MacBook. This is my prayer since beginning of the year. Most of the time, I feel so disappointed and see that the hope for this one fades. Sometimes my prayer for this has become a demand for God that He must bless me. I desire this more than Jesus. No wonder I can't sense the satisfaction eventhough I understand that having God is everything!

I wish I could have an I-Phone.
I wish I can have a DLSR Nikon!

How good is it that you receive all these things once in a present box. I wish I wish and I wish. I've been reminded again to do check-balance. Where is God when I desire these things. No wonder desire can cause unsatisfactory or dukkha (I'm in the midst of doing my Buddhism assignment). No wonder all these things can corrupt a person in coveteousness. It corrupts our relationship with God. If our faith is based on blessing, then it will be dangerous. If our faith based on miracle, it too will be dangerous.

How to live a simple faith in this complex world?

When we do not have the things we want, the world corrupts us with coveteousness. And when we have the things we want, the world corrupts us with pride!

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Esther said...

Hard to satisfied, it is true....but then if I take the Buddhist path to the enlightened state that is free from greed, hate and ignorance, I think I will also not find satisfaction.
Satisfaction is seeing the seed you planted -in real or in a person - take root below, grow and bear fruit above. It is found in hearing a loved one get saved. It can be felt inside the heart when you see the wonder in your child's eyes when she learns something new. It is found most of all, in filling the of the God-shaped gap in your heart.
I guess some things are meant to be intrinsic...
Having said that, I hope that you still get your MacBk, iPhone and DLSR, la. lol
take care.

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