Friday, September 25, 2009

Are we following the pattern of the world?

Had a good talk with my friend in australia. We were talking about how much starbucks coffee actually cost. Fyi, we found out that it only cost only AUD0.05 and they charged us at AUD 3-4. imagine the profit that they earned.

In our talk, one thing came to my mind, are we as church or christian following the pattern of the world? I observed that most of our approach is using the modified world ads. I believe you all have seen the ads on "I'm a Christian vs I'm Christ's follower" using the Mac vs Windows theme video, the t-shirt on coca-cola modified to Jesus Christ and etc. Thing that in my mind is, are we not creative enough?

In term of church management, why we must follow toyota management. We know they have the best management. Six Sigma, price of a product should be determined by the market and etc.

Can we as Christian come out with our own "product"?

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