Friday, April 13, 2012

Strength of trust

I'm entering my fifth month here, and for more than four months I've not been updating my blog. The major reason is because of busyness and things that I've gone through that affected me not to have the mood to write. Of course another major reason is tiredness - physical, spiritual and emotional. Apart from that I have been cultivating to write journal in a book - what I feel, the thoughts that came across my mind, I wrote it down. I was influenced by the guest that I met, Dr Johnson who literally whatever he saw he wrote it down and drew it out.

Now, there is one thing in my mind. I was thinking of a scenario. A scenario about strength of trust from two people who are serving the Lord. I'm going to simplify it here.

Both serving the Lord. One have a sum of savings which relatively can be used for emergency, the children's education and so on and so forth. Second one just have no saving; struggling to save, even to use. I'm not trying to do comparism here - indicating I'm the second one or the first. What I want to share here is the effectiveness when we ask people to trust the Lord so that when we comfort or encourage people, we can be aware not only people's background, but also ours.

Now, when suffering comes, and a question is ask to these two people, which one do you think, that they struggle more to trust the Lord? You have your answer.

I'm also not trying to say that the second person who serve the Lord has not been blessed. In fact, if you want to say who really rely on the Lord and trust in God's provisions, I think is the second person.


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