Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When you start to lose your friends

People say as we grow up, we will start to lose our friends. They will go one by one; some will have their own family; some will walk to another journey. What if you and your friends work in the same company? Will the friendship be different when you meet them in your workplace – especially when you went away for a period of time? Will a position affects a friendship?

Sometimes, it is a struggle to maintain a friendship and in the same time when you have to do your responsibility as the one with authority. This is where friendship can sometime be affected; and this could be the time when you lose your friends. But how? You still have to ensure things go in order. Which one to choose? Especially when you are in ministry – God or friendship?

The ironic thing is that, we all know what need to be done when things need to be done. We all know decision need to be made. We know all these in theory and common sense (sometimes). BUT when we are the one which decision is upon us, or affected by the decision, we feel dissatisfy, unwilling, and affect our perspective to our friend whom is our leader.

My question is, “Why we reacted like that?” As the one who receive the consequence of the decision, I think we need to think why the leader who is our friend needs to make such decision.

Decisions made by us as leader, will really affect the friendship that we have throughout the years before we become their leader.

What to do? I always try to live a life that pleases God not man. When I need to make decision, God or friendship, I will choose God as in the priority of the ministry. If decision made really affect our friendship, I can’t help, because reaction is on their side which I could not control it, but to think that God is showing me who can really be my friend. Surprisingly, my friends now is those who have the same experience as me to the same group of people.

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Jhordan Kee said...

Your post really true, as time goes by friends do come and go.

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