Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Past

Few days ago, I've been thinking of my past, especially the mistakes that I've done. One question came to my mind, what's went wrong? Sometime I feel very innocent. People can reject you just because you are good, you have the zeal for God and etc. I think my biggest pain in my life is when someone used you as a transition for their life to get their comfort. Once they are sure with their current situation, they reject you. As I think back, the scar was there and I still can feel the hurt. I will think am I a "water bag"? Every past has a lesson to be learned. Probably I am naive that time. Everything is perfect. Failure in the past should shaped our life. Failure only truly becomes a failure when do not learn from it. I thank God that all these failures in the past has drawn me close to God, shaped my life, character and my attitude.

As we go on with our life, we should bring what we have learned from our past, not the past itself. I am writing this blog not because I am emo-ing or what, but sometime we just can avoid that the past will come into your mind. I just want to find a place to express.


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