Monday, November 2, 2009

Sandakan Day 3

I'm now in Sandakan for the third day. I reached here on Saturday at 1pm. One day before I came here, I felt a bit stressfull and felt that this place is a foreign place. There was uncertainties. But God is amazing in His own way. Sandakan people make you feel at home. They are welcoming.

I am exposed mostly in Chinese ministry. It is a funny feeling when I saw the culture here. Hakka and Cantonese are their main dialect. So I have to improve my Hakka and Cantonese to "cari makan" here. Though I am Hakka, but I can't really speak in a formal way. I feel odd. I really need wisdom in this area. One funny things came in my mind was, how can Cantonese and Hakka are together if we know their history. They are rivals. But God is awesome. We can never think what He is doing.

I hope I won't gain my weight more here since the food here are cheap! Imagine pork ribs rice at RM4.50? hahaha.

I'm also will be going to Kudat for a Children Camp there. I wish to go Kudat for long time because I wanted to go to the Tip of Borneo.

That's all for updates.

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