Sunday, March 28, 2010

Should we stay in peace?

Last week was a tough week for me and also for my classmates. We've struggled for the Church History exam. One of my thoughts while I was reading and doing my revision is that should we stay in peace. I've noticed that during the first 2oo years, the Christians were persecuted and yet, they still hold on to their faith (some of course denied it due to fear of persecution). Once we came to the Christian Emperor, Constantine, we noticed that there were peace for the Christian or everything starts to go smoothly. During this time there were a lot of debate, theological debates on Trinity and Christology. It has created a lot of division just because they have different view on these issues. The Arian and The Nicea Council, the Nestorians and Cyril and etc etc. Of course I won't deny that they have gave big contribution to today's doctrine. But I think, they have fallen or influence by the Greek culture, the philosophical debates and have forgotten what is our mission on earth. It reminds me of my NT Exegesis that I've done last year on 1 Corinthians 1: 26 - 31.

I will call last week as "Unity Week" because two sermons on Unity were preached which I will preach on it too for my Homiletics class using Philippians 2: 5-11. I really agree that unity is the evangelistic tool for the non-Christians. Through division, how can the kingdom stands? How people see us as Christian?

Sometimes, I think that when our lives is so comfortable, at peace, we tend to focus on other things than preparing for the coming of the Lord. We should live as though Jesus will be coming on tomorrow. This is what my lecturer said, the view of Eschatology has changed when Jesus seems to delayed his coming.

What I've done is to not let myself in peace or comfort in order not to lose the passion and the intimate dependency to the Lord.

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