Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why need to hide?

Today I had a conversation with my girlfriend and touched on a topic which is interesting. Someone criticized my girlfriend on her appearance, wearing too simple. To be a good boyfriend, I comforted her and said, "Only those who thinks that they are not perfect will do a make-up on their face with several inches of powder." She laughed. :D.. I continued, "If you think you are perfect, why you need to hide. Even when you wear simple, you look nice and beautiful"

It is true indeed, if a person feels some part of her (or his)body is not perfect, they will cover it. Of course, simple make-up is enough to make you look afresh, but please, not the extreme one la.

After sharing this, I watched this in facebook which I think will be a good illustration..:D

See the difference. I cannot stand with this. She took 5 mins to make-up her eyes only. Before make-up look like zombie..


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