Monday, March 1, 2010

My first disciple

Since I left Sandakan, one person keep on messaging me every night before he sleeps. I taught him to play guitar while I was in Sandakan. Wherever I go, he follows me. He has seen how I serve the Lord. In fact, during my presence in Sandakan, he went to 7am service for the first time. He never been to any services, only to the Sunday School. His mum feels weird too. The people around keep on saying that I have a brother just because our name sounded like a brother.

I think I have left a legacy there for a person, I don't think only one; now whenever the youth saw me online in facebook, they will ask me to play Left4Death game.:D I order for this person to message me, he has to use English because I'm a banana and his English is poor. Therefore, for past two months, I've seen he has been improving his english. Praise the Lord!

What have I said, is not to glorify myself, but I saw how God works in peoples' life through me.


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