Monday, June 15, 2009

Carl's Junior and Marche

My last two days placement in FCC was blessed by food. Wonderful meals. Thank God for Timothy and Hui Ling for the blessings. Hui Ling blessed me with Carls Junior. So we went together with other staff and did something crazy after meal. I think this will happen when there is a "matured" ladies or and aunty in the office. Will upload it in the next post.

The next day, Friday is Tim's birthday, so he treated all the staff to have a wonderful meal at Marche, The Curve. I really enjoyed all the meals. It is YUMMY!! Especially the sausages. Saving now to go the one more time. Like the concept a lot, market restaurant.

Carls Junior specialty is the fries. Must eat it while its still hot.:D
Yummy burger. The meat are grilled.

Aunty Hui Ling and Aunty Kitt buying fruits.

Marche concept.

Each meals you ordered you have to get a signature.

Tomato soup.

Grilled fish. Fresh fish.

Samuel Mok, my friend during my practical. hehe.

This is nice especially the sausage.
One more signature then I fulfill everything.



Hui Ling said...

halloo...i m not aunty ok....i m liangm oi..wahhaha

samenduck|samenmouse said...


Isaac said...

hui ling: ok ok liang moi and Aunty Kitt...:P

Samenduck : join the staff team, and you'll enjoy the blessings...:D

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