Thursday, June 4, 2009

Semester Break

Having my semester break now. One more week I have to go back to STM life again. Transition between Seminary life and holiday have been a struggle for me and also difficult to me. I do not know why I suddenly find hard to cope with my days. But overall, everything is going fine and progressing smoothly.

I have go back to KK/Labuan for a week, two days in Labuan. Wonderful time to spend my holiday in Labuan. It has been always wonderful to spend my time in Labuan. This time back in Labuan, we did not rush here and there. We are truly enjoying our time together. It is also our first time going together and coming back together. One of the most important things is, we finally can eat the Satey together!

I am having my holiday placement in FCC. First time in history, FCC has two practical student. Practically, I am enjoying my time here with the staff team. It is very different than serving in Labuan, or any other churches. This church practices team building. Every morning we do devotion together, then clean the church (toilet, cafe, lobby and etc), maintain the church equipment, visitation and etc. We seldom touch our admin works until Thursday. Each moment we tease and laugh at each other and share our thoughts together.

Spiritually, God is continually work within my heart to continue to build up my character that fits in to a Pastoral Ministry. Now, I start to write my own journal whenever it is needed. I always see how God works in my life when I write and read back my journals. It is not to predict how God act, but is to see how God works.

My doubts about Holy Spirit start to fades away as the Lord works and after the Pentacost Sunday. I start to love the Holy Spirit and continue to be lead by Him.

I hope another week, God will continually work in my life and prepare my heart for the second semester.



Hui Ling said...

i thank God for u n nickson... personally i m enjoy to serve n work n gila with u..... cant imagine the life without both of u loh.... hahaha.... Gambateh lah

Isaac said...

wah....your last verse can only say to your hubby le....hahaha

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