Monday, June 15, 2009

Transition period again

I am back in Seremban now. Felt heavy to leave FCC. Truly enjoying my placement there. Important thing is that I felt God is working greatly in me and dealing with my emotional, spiritual and mind struggle. It is tired, but it is a process for healing and sactification that God want to prepare me in His service.

One of the staff there told me that Pastor said I am more lively when I am back in FCC. Once I heard this, I also realize that I am alive! Truly, after being outside of FCC for so long, I felt that this is what I longed for. A great and wonderful staff team that go through things together with you. I really feel the genuine and unity that we had these three weeks.

Once I back here, I realize I change again. I do not know why that there is a sense of anger in me. It affects me and my relationship. When I back to practical, I really pray hard that the spirit that I have in FCC won't leave me, but I just can't do it. I do not say God work only in specific area, but the answer that I have is the community that I have in STM, my practical church and FCC. The community are different in each place and not God is different in each place.


Kar Yong said...

Welcome back! I know it's difficult sometimes to be in a community such as STM. But I guess sometimes what makes a community better is not the people around us - sometimes it is us that makes the community better.

I pray and hope you have a great semester ahead.

Isaac said...

Rev. Dr. KY, thanks for the advice, encouragement and prayer. Still need time to cope with student's lifestyle..:D

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