Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's DAY!

I always share to people that my dad always reflects my heavenly Father. He has sacrifice a lot to me especially for my degree. Without him, I would not expose and experience much which helps in my ministry. Even though I have done a lot of mistakes towards him, he still love me uncontidionally.

I thank God that he accepted and respect my call from God. Not only that, he has fully supported me. Though we seldom talk, but I know he cares. I remember the moment he accepted my calling, he said this to me, "do not stop half way in what you are doing." I really admire his great patient and endurance even though he suffered a lot from his business, yet he still find way to sacrifice for family.

I really miss the time when we go to jungle together, sit on his tractor, experiencing 4wd together (my dad is a great off road driver!). Time has past so fast, I haven't do anything for my dad yet. One of the things that I want to do for him is to buy back his 4wd car. He sold it after his business failure. I know in his heart he miss his hobby. He seem to find life in that.

Anyway, may the Lord bless you, dad. Thank you for the sacrifice that you made for me and the family. Love you.


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