Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back in STM

I've back in STM. My first feeling was, "this place again, sigh." I spent last five days in KK with my love one. Although is not really one of the sweetest time among all the time we've spent due to argument and and pressure on works, but we've gone through the toughest time among all together. I praise God that through this five days, God let me see that she truly truly has been grown spiritually and emotionally. I thank God for her! Sometimes, it is not the good time that we spent that helps us to grow, but the bad time too. Of course don't always argue la. I really wish that we are together now, going through this together. This month has marked our 21st month together. Sometime both of us still confused why we are together, because we are really from different world. Thank God that through the same passion, He had brought us together.

I hope I will go through this 15weeks faster so that we can spend time again.


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