Thursday, January 14, 2010

Decrease Selfishness

One of the commandments that my pastor gave me when I told him that I've started a relationship is DECREASE SELFISHNESS. Recently I've been thinking of this since I came back to STM. I've been thinking that living in a community, we should not be talking what is the individual's rights rather we must talk about what is our responsibility. Bishop Robert Solomon has inspired me while he was explaining "forgive us our sin". He said this is not an individual sin but rather a corporate sin. This is how it inspire me that we should not talk about individual's rights, but we must practice community's responsibilities.

I think when we talk about our rights, it will always be on the things that benefit us or satisfy us. It never be the advantage of the community. On the other words, we are selfish! Responsibility is something that we work it out together for the benefit of community.

Yesterday, we had our vote whether or not today we can have our gardening. The president is concern because the compound is "dirty" in the sense that the leaves is all around the compound. I've raised my hand to agree to have gardening. My reason is that I just can't stand to see something is messy or dirty, therefore I want to have gardening so that the compound will be nicer.

I'm slowly learn how to be afresh by the Lord in my spiritual life. Yesterday, I've learned a great thing that really changes my spiritual walk with the Lord. I know last year I've shared that my spiritual walk is dry after one year study in STM. Actually it is not the matter with the place or community, but it is the individual themselves. We can't blame others. I remembered what Dr. Kar Yong commented on my post when I started my second semester, "Individual can change the community, we do not need to wait the community to be a better place." Now I really agree with it.:D

Back to the great thing that changed my spiritual walk. Yesterday, in my first theology class, Dr. Ong said something struck me. You can get the best theology in the field, with the farmer! Therefore, best theology is not in the books, but is in the field. Living with what is surrounding you! I think it answers a bit my question in John Gospel and Epistle, why the word "DWELL" is so important.

Decrease Selfishness

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