Monday, February 8, 2010

No slippers = no Crocs

Last week an announcement was made regarding wearing slippers and t-shirt without collar. I felt that that was directed to me. Not that I am sensitive, but I am the naughty one who always wear slippers and t-shirt. Sometime when I try to obey the rules, I saw something that brought me back to wear slipper. I always say this to those who wear Crocs SLIPPERS or ASADI brand with Crocs style. I said that this is a compromise version of slippers. Imagine how you wear a crocs and a slipper, it is the same way how you put your feet on it.

Now, what do you think about this? Allowable?


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Cynthia said...

The rules set for us is to maintain and also contain some sort of discipline and teaching.

Just a simple rule you can't take it or follow, how would you follow God?!

Why you should not wear slippers during the class? It teaches you to respect yourself and the lecturer. Attire reflects attitude and heart. It shows how much of the respect you can give or honor.

Yes, you can be naughty, but since you choose to be servant, you need to put down your 'naughty' and follow. This is Servanthood.

If such a simple instruction can make you felt offended or unsatisfied then the problem is not with others, it's with you. Look into yourself and reflect.

Remember, if you can't take it now, your sons and daughters may not be able to take your instructions.

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