Monday, February 1, 2010

Sick for more than a week

I started to sick since last Sunday. As I woke up early in the morning, I got sore-throat and my bones were aching. Then I need to drive all the down to Sunway from Seremban. Half way of the sermon, I cannot stand for the pain already. I kept on searching for medicine in the church but there was none. SIGH!! Have to wait for the van to return so that we can go back to Seremban. 9pm, the van hasn't come back yet. Luckily got another car we can use. On the way back, I suddenly realize that I have my medicine in my bag which I put it in last two weeks. Another SIGH!!!

Back to seminary, took shower, took medicine and directly went to sleep. Slept until the next day. And I thought I'm getting better. Next day got sore-throat and started to cough. Third SIGH!!! Cough makes me could not sleep well. Every day feel so tired! And here are the effects.

Sleeping in Chapel!!
Sick, still need to study!!

So today, I don't care anymore. No worries for assignment or whatever. I rest and rest and rest. Sleep Sleep Sleep.


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