Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Charles Simeon Con't

I was thinking what are we going to do for tomorrow pastoral group. Either play a game or do some reflection. I decided to do a reflection on Charles Simeon. This person really inspired me a lot as I read more about him.

As I read what John Piper has commented about him, I was touched with his life and perseverance as a rejected-friend and rejected-priest/vicar. I wonder how can this guy can stand for such "persecution" surrounding him yet he still can have the passion to continue to preach!

John Piper says that "Simeon saw his suffering as a wonderful privilege of bearing the cross with Christ.": One striking witness to this was during a time when the university was especially cold and hostile to him. He reflected on his own name "Simeon" which is the same as Simon who was compelled to bear the cross for Jesus. And he exclaimed about that text: "What a word of instruction was here - what a blessed hint for my encouragement! To have the cross laid upon me, that I might bear it after Jesus - what a privilege! It was enough. Now I could leap and sing for joy as one whom Jesus was honoring with a participation of His sufferings." (Moule, 59f)

This person is really positive in thinking and during his hard time. I think we should have the same attitude as Simeon. We should see that it is a wonderful privilege of bearing the cross with Christ. We must be able to see that in time of our suffering, we are actually bearing the cross on our shoulder. Having faith that God will deliver us through times of suffering, we must persevere!


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