Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Have I really experience it?

I believe most of us will have this experience, that in a certain event or moment, suddenly we feel that why this situation is so familiar as if I even been here and experience this. Few years back, I shared to my friend and he told me that this called Dejavu. Last two months I asked my lecturer about this, and she told me that sometimes our mind or spirit or soul can go faster in time before we really can experience it.

I am sharing this because it happens to me twice in this semester. I am still wonder what it is all about. Yesterday night, while I having my class, there is one moment that happen exactly the same in my dream few weeks back. Even the words that the lecturer said, it is the same. Once I realize this, I quickly observe surrounding me, and it is the same. In the end, I asked myself, have I really experience this or it just happen on that moment and I feel it is so familiar? HMMM....


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