Friday, October 24, 2008

Back to Labuan life

Fuhh!! Back to Labuan. What a journey. I really praise God and give thanks to Him on what He had done. He really made impossible to possible. My flight from Tawau to KK is on 1045 and reach KK at 1135. And my flight from KK to Labuan is 1200. So I had to check-in in KK at least 1115am but that time I was still in my flight.

Yesterday I am trying to online check-in but there is no KK-Labuan check-in online. Sigh!! So I plan a plan B that is to take bus once I reach KK. I also tried when I was in Tawau airport asking whether I can check-in from Tawau or not but cannot. Oh no!!

God grace is far than we can ever thought. I did pray to have a smooth journey (not back Labuan by bus). My heart believe I can go smooth but my mind keep thinking how to go and take bus. HEHE..In Tawau I able to meet my aunt and uncle. Because of them I can sit in front where I can rush down faster once I reach KK. Once reach KK I rush into the counter and the counter closed. And I went to the info desk and ask whether the fligh already flew or not. But the lady said I cannot check-in. So I tell her that I just arrived from Tawau. So she quickly bring me to the counter and help me to check-in.

When I go into the departure hall, I realise that I am going back to the same aeroplane that I took from Tawau with the same stewardess. They look at me and smile. HAHAHA..

Everyone can fly!! Really thank God for everything. When I ponder it while I was on the way back to Labuan, all things really go smooth. Can see God really answered prayer. Even simple prayer without flowerish words. And I spend good time with my aunty and uncle. Chat a lot. When they saw me, they say "Ngi an tai hoi gai" Hakka.

Gam Chia Shong Di

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