Thursday, October 9, 2008

Companionship in Labuan

I'll never expect that a man whom I went to mission trip to interior of Sabah will be my companion and my closest friend I can say in Labuan. First time he talk to me is in a speedboat. Then half way of the journey I was in his car all the way from Ranau to Kuala Sapi. He is a super generous guy. Though in term of aged, he is older than me a lot, maybe 15-20 years? but he call me brother I call him brother too when we meet each other in church with a peace sign.

Really appreciate people like him in my life whom have the same mind set and always agree with each other said and able to learn with each other. Oppss, don't get me wrong that I am gay because I mentioned is a "he". haha.. Well, its always hard to find people like this. Other than my spouse, he is one of them who I can click with.

Guess what, he listen to Stephen Tong sermon as well. He told me, he missed his sermon and teaching a lot. Because of this, we always discussed on the teaching of him. Don't get both of us wrong that have other "gods" is just that we was impressed by his teaching.

What a companionship that I believe God has place in me in Labuan
Me and brother Wong..Hehe

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