Tuesday, October 28, 2008


What is in my mind just now is about truth. We cannot run away from truth actually (I just realize that).

I think why this came to my mind because I've came to know an interesting theologian "Kierkegaard's" who talk about "Subjectivity of truth" and also another theologian in this era, Stephen Tong who talk on "Subjective Truth". Whats the different between this two people?

Subjectivity of Truth it means that whether there is truth in a person or not. Example on my previous post about Nick Vujicic, when he say that his parents trying to convince him that everything is going fine and he say to his parents "How you know?" "Are you in my position (without arms and legs)?" It simply conclude that when a person said something without a substance in it because he is not in that situation. A happy wife whom still have a husband cannot say to a widow whom her husband just past away, "Is ok, don't be too sad. Everything is going fine soon." There is no substance in her words. But if a widow who have gone through a lot of challenges of life as a widow, the other widow will be convince by it because she have the substance and she is the subjectivity of truth.

Subjective truth is talking about something cannot be argued about because it is truth. I like how Stephen Tong illustrate it. 2+2=4 and only "Mr.4" have the right to say that 2+2 is equal to 4 and no others. It is because he is the truth! Just like the air said, if you breath, you have life if you don't breath you will die! The air can say such arrogant words because "he" is truth!! And God is the subjective truth in everything.

It came to my mind when I think back why everything had to go back to God. When talk about facts, reality or truth, we will link back to God. Last time I had this habit when I have conversation with my friends and when they put the element of God into the conversation, I will say "Since you put God in this, I have nothing to say lo." Now I realize that I am wrong because He simply is the Alpha and Omega. It shows that everything is spiritual.

God is truth!

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