Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mutual Problem

I remember when I fellowship with my friends we came to this person whom have a lot of problems. He even tell my friend that why his friend never say that he got a problem. My friend being straight forward and out of love want to help this person and reply him and say is because his friend have the same problem as you that is why both you them won't have any problem with each other.

Past few days, this thought came into my mind again and I began to ponder it further. I began to think that it is true that two wont walk together unless they agreed. But if two friends came together ( lets say A and B), and A is asking B for opinion, example his actions and etc or even when A is complaining to B. So as good friend, B will certainly comfort A and say something to comfort him. B motive is right in the sense he out of love want to help his friend A. But what if A really wrong in her actions and B say "Yalo Yalo" and start to talk bad on other people. Though motive is right, but because just want to please his friend and did something wrong. B is denying and lying to the moral principle (hmm, guess read a lot from C.S. Lewis).

One pastor told me before if we love some one whether is on courtship or friendship, we will never afraid of losing them. If we tend to afraid, we are bound on it and will compromise to ourself and denying on it.


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