Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"God, if only I have....."

I'll believe everyone said this before God and ask God that "If only I had such things then I can to it." If only I have money, then I won't be struggling, if only I have power, then I won't be bully in work, if only I became a powerful man then people will submit to me, if only I am significant then people trust with what I said so on and so forth.

Well, what is the problem when we ask "IF ONLY"??

We tend to focus what we do not have and as if when we got what we do not have, we can do what we want to do, what we will do or what task are we going to do. Too often we compare with people when that people have what we do not have and give excuses that he can do because he had the things that can make him a success.

We neglected what we have which actually allow us to reach the same results as well. Everyone is different, unique and not the same. Our gifts is different, but we can use what we have to the glory of God. No matter you have 10 talents or 5 talents, if we fully utilize it, at the end we still be praised "You are good and faithful servant."

I was inspired by this guy, Nick Vujicic which I believe we got an email circulation about him. If we really want to compare, I think he is the one who only worth to ask "God, if only". But he did not ask and he did things greater than we did and I do.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

So, be grateful with what you had

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Bea said...

thnx for the awesome youtube sharing, bro!

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