Wednesday, October 22, 2008


In Tawau now. Realizing that I make some wrong move in this 6 days journey. Do not know why I think that. I thought of that either I should stay longer in KK or back Tawau first then to KK. It just messy in my mind. Anyway, I am happy with my decision.

I spent much sweet and memorable time together with her. Celebrate her belated birthday and my early birthday. Enjoying so much and appreciate each time with her. I feel like I am a Diocesan Staff for pass 2 days. Sit in the office, pretending like doing works (em actually I am) and helping/working with her on her task. What a joy!! And thank God for everything.

More than 4 people when they saw me, they say "you are fat!". I was blur!! Sigh!! How can I got fat?

Well that's all for the updates.


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samenduck|samenmouse said...

happy belated birthday le^^

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