Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life as Seminarian

Two weeks been here as a Seminarian. Well life as Seminarian is not easy. Don't ever think of those convenient things you can do in a private college or also don't think that it is as hard as local Universities.

My first impression when I were here is like those Christian"pusat pemulihan dadah." 7:30am breakfast, 1:00pm lunch and 7pm dinner. We had to sit down all together 10 person in a table then we can start our meals. Tuesday morning 8am, Chapel service and in the afternoon Anglican Chapel. Wednesday morning pastoral group. Thursday morning at 7am Anglican Service and 1115am Communion Service. Friday morning 8am BM service. Saturday and Sunday go for practical. WOW!!! But, Monday is so call our DAY OFF!!

My second week here I got fever. Keep on resting from Tuesday. Feel like wasting of time because din't make productive time. Really don't like the feeling. Thank God for Nickson whom being so hospitable to me and the caring community here. Once I go out from my room, many people will ask me "are you ok?" or "feeling better?" and etc. Really can feel their genuine love.

These two weeks itself I can really learn a lot of things. All the while I thought I am from Diocese of Sabah and well exposed to many things in terms of ministry o technology and etc but God keep on showing my weakness to me. Pride had been always my struggle and God always bring me back to a humble heart.

Serving in a comfort land for past 18mths now had be a struggle for me but I had overcome it. Every morning I can wake up at 6am go to basketball court, sit there alone and spent my quiet time with God. Each moment hope to feel the renewing touch from Him.

Thats the updates of me here..:P

Picture taken outside of LCMS (Lutheran Church of Malaysia and Singapore) 11th Mile Cheras

In His Service

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