Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't give up

I spent my Chinese New Year at Rev. Khee Vun house. Thank God for him. Truly enjoyed a lot of blessings from him. He brought me out for wonderful dinner at Sushi King. Hahaha. Then the next day bring me for a reunion dinner in one of the FCC member house. Enjoyed the fellowship with them and with their children especially. I met my primary school teacher whom I always seen her when I were at FCC and also my kingdergarden school principles' son. What a small world ya.

While I was in Rev. KV house, I played with their children. Play Lego. hahaha.. really long time did not play this kind of toys. So I played with his eldest son. One point we could not find one part of the lego. We keep on search and search and the end we found it. Then he tell me that we sure can find it as long as we not give up. Wow, imagine a kids tell me that. His words really encourage me. A little boy know the meaning of not giving up in order to achieve something.


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