Monday, January 5, 2009


Currently in STM now. Thank God for everything. Deep in heart only miss a person whom is my girlfriend. Really that as wide as the sea we've been seperated the more we will feel that we miss each other.

Is a small seminary which not more than 150 students whereby you can really know each other in this 2 days. Once I check-in in the hostel, in my heart said I am proud to serve in Diocese of Sabah with much more high tech infrastucture and enviroment. My daily challenge in here is to be humble mainly because I am one of the guy whom have more exposure. Stuggling now but I believe God is working in my life in shaping and molding my charater.

Another good news I want to share is that my youngest brother had joined into fulltime ministry. Wow, my parents had gave their 100% to the Kingdom of God and both of them were happy with the decision that we had made. My dad tell me as long as I dint give up and he will support me. Thank God for working in my family.

Do pray for me. I need that a lot. I am still settling down here.

In His Service

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